TAOSA Residence

Residential Interior Design Built

Professional Category

Studio: Elia Sifodaskalaki Interior/Architectural Design Studio

Architect / Designer: Elia Sifodaskalaki

Design Team:

Architect presentation assistant: Kallia Grigoraki [email protected]
Sanitary Ware and Tiles: AKRON SA www.akron-sa.gr
Wooden Constructions: D. MANIADAKIS – CH. BAKOUSI OEBE [email protected]
Furniture & lighting store: MARAKAKI Luxury Living www.marakaki.com
Plaster Boards: SKALERIS VANGELIS [email protected]
Aluminum Energy Systems: Patsoumadakis Manousos Nikolaos [email protected] Lightning and Electrical Equipment: S.E.I.L.H www.seilh.gr
Laminated Glass Panels: S PLASTICON S.A s-plasticon.gr
Curtains and upholstery fabric: MDC Charalampakis GP mdc-greece.gr
Plumbing – heating – solar panels: Sykamias Apostolis [email protected]
Certified Technician Nikos Zakynthinakis zakinventions.gr
3d Visualizer: Nikolaos Georgakakis [email protected]

Country: Greece

Copyright: Giorgos Anastasakis-South space for photography

The TaOsa residence is a project that combines aesthetics and innovation in perfect balance. The design was based on the client’s requirements and needs, leading to a total renovation. The exterior of the building was significantly changed with the creation of new facades. The formation of the balconies was rearranged with the basic premise of their privatization and their view to the port of Souda. Specifically for balconies, they were used paste-coated fiberboards and they were added aluminum railings in imitation walnut for special constructions and glazing.
As for the interior, immediately after the main entrance, the main corridor separating the house is developed and consists of a wall lined with walnut with hidden support. The house is divided into two main zones and an open plan area that includes kitchen, dining room and living room. This common space is completed with the element of the fireplace that unifies the three sections as they combine a variety of materials and textures. The fireplace, a special construction created from fireproof plasterboard, has been clad with marble face tiles in book style and its base, a material of similar specifications was used, which is also found around the frames. Thus it blends harmoniously with the kitchen that displays the same materiality both on the countertop and the island. A build-in construction that completes the kitchen piece includes walnut cabinets framed in black aluminium and formica cabinets with a copper texture, elements that are appropriately highlighted by concealed lighting and reproduced in the rest of the space with the logic of repeating textures.
A custom-made plaster canopy has been placed on the ceiling, which divides the open space and provides lighting.
The guest bathroom develops equally special qualities as it was created from dry construction for the placement of hidden lighting while parts of the remaining walls were covered with special constructions with handmade plaster decorative elements.
The walnut element also appears in the office space of the residence, which was recreated with a unique fishbow and lacquer style, as well as in an arch structure that forms a gateway to the accommodation’s overnight spaces. Another element of great interest that appears there is a plaster luminaire (Abajourd’hui by Flos) which, after the creation of a special frame on the wall, was properly integrated, forming a relief on its surface and giving the feeling that it is floating.
Concluding in the master bedroom of the residence is a space that includes a special multifunctional walking closet system with hidden suspension and a separate master bathroom that was clad with oversized tiles, offering the aesthetics of marble without its drawbacks.
Finally, an equally important construction of the house is the wardrobe located in the main corridor. In one part of the closet there is a door with a wall view to deceive the eye and in the other part a sliding door with no visible guide and with a special construction of mirrored bronze sheet glass, while inside it contains the entire electrical installation of the energy system KNX, a system that with the functions it provides, makes the residence innovative from every point of view.


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