The Bedford Presentation Gallery

Showroom Exhibit Interior Design Built

Professional Category

Architect / Designer: Studio Paolo Ferrari

Country: Canada

Copyright: Joel Esposito

An immersive and multifaceted experience, The Bedford’s Presentation Gallery developed By Burnac and designed by Studio Paolo Ferrari defies expectations. The Presentation Gallery takes guests on a journey that artfully wavers between the familiar and the unexpected, demonstrating the exceptional offerings of the upcoming boutique Toronto property — The Bedford. Studio Paolo Ferrari was brought on by By Burnac to envision and design the interiors for both the Presentation Gallery and The Bedford property itself. The project pushes the boundaries of how marketing galleries approach sensorial experiences in unexpected ways.

Studio Paolo Ferrari and By Burnac entirely re-thought the conventional sales office, moving beyond the typical transactional experience. Instead, The Bedford’s Presentation Gallery was designed to be an intuitive and multifaceted journey with elements of surprise and magic, offering prospective residents a window into the considered offerings at The Bedford. The studio worked only with natural materials, in a colour palette of earthy neutrals, intended to express serenity and calm. The restrained design is brought to life with subtle textures, warm metals, and white oak woodworking.

The exclusive residential offering — The Bedford — is an upcoming addition to Toronto’s coveted Yorkville-Annex heritage neighbourhood — through an immersive, multi-faceted sales gallery experience. The 13-storey building stands out as a meticulous private residential offering, with a level of amenities that rivals the experience of the world’s top hotels. With high attention to detail, artfully curated interiors, and a deep intentionality, The Bedford’s Presentation Gallery goes far beyond the typical sales office experience.

The Gallery perfectly encapsulates Ferrari’s approach to luxury and hospitality, offering a refined balance of space and materials, timeless and avant-garde, and grace and strength. Ferrari went on to create a calming and sensorial experience, based around the idea of an essentialist art gallery.

The Presentation Gallery was designed as a space for visitors to relax and find respite, with the design ethos of The Bedford imbued throughout the experience. Studio Paolo Ferrari has created a hybrid typology that combines design, artistry, and practical performance.

Warm and welcoming, the Presentation Gallery is designed to provide an intimate and personal level of attention to visitors. Guests move through spaces that range in size and proportion, each one carefully considered and presenting a unique facet of The Bedford experience. The experience was designed to feel both familiar and surprising, and to have deep levels of detail that become increasingly apparent the more time spent in the space. The aim is to evoke the qualities of The Bedford itself — a space that encourages guests to comfortably linger and have a memorable, curated experience.



Internationally recognized, Studio Paolo Ferrari is a practice at the cutting edge of international design. Today the studio works with prestige and emerging luxury brands or through private commissions on hospitality, retail, and residential projects, delivering highly considered guest experiences, through attention to detail and full immersion, into worlds both luxurious and distinct. A distinctive, vision-forward approach has defined Ferrari’s output as he continues to collaborate with industry-leading clients all over the world. With the ever-expanding presence of the digital, Studio Paolo Ferrari believes in pursuing work where experiential worlds evoke a quality of awe. The Gallery perfectly encapsulates Ferrari’s