The Honey House

Housing Interior Design Built

Professional Category

Studio: Architrina_Buro

Architect / Designer: Architect Lera Miller / Designer Kate Weiss

Design Team:

Architect Lera Miller & Designer Kate Weiss
Budget $125.000

Country: Russian Federation

Copyright: Tatiana Andreychuk

We have created the interior of the private house for the modern young family. The total area of ​​the house is 250 sq. m. The honey mood of the main areas of the living room with a fireplace and an accent screen, a dining room, a kitchen and a wooden staircase create the main concept. Bedroom in ethnic style. Kid`s bedroom and bathroom in scandi. Cabinets differ in character according to their owners. Each place in the house is individual, but at the same time very harmonious. It is warm and cozy like honey.


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Architecture and design are our passion. Each time discovering the endless possibilities of design, we transform our fantasies into sketches in a notebook, and then into reality. We create ideal spaces filled with a breath of confidence and comfort. Our tandem in work is unique in its own way, because we are very different, but we always complement each other and compensate for the contrast. Architecture and design for each of us is a subtle psychology of life, adaptation, a sense of being in space, this is the environment in which the transformation of personality takes place.