Honorable Mention


Jozi Gin

Hospitality Interior Built

Studio: Principia Design

Architect / Designer: Garth Fourie

Design Team:

Alysha Craxton – Project Sourcing and Detailing
Louisa Murray – Design and Project Coordination
Carla Osiecki – Design and Project Coordination
Garth Fourie – Design

Country: South Africa

Copyright: Kira Yaman

Jozi Gin

The owners of Jozi Gin approached us to assist with the design of their newest venue. The theme was to be an eclectic mix of art-deco meets light industrial, with some eye-catching colourful features that was consistent with their brand. The design also needed to have a strong local (Johannesburg) influence without breaking away from the art-deco / industrial theme. The bar itself was to be the main attraction and draw people in.

Dedicated to the glamour and opulence of the art-deco era, Jozi Gin aims to be synonymous with the prestige and heritage of Gin drinking as well as the traditional craft production associated with it.

The founding concept was that of Diversity. Our inspiration was drawn from the local gold mining heritage, where raw steel, mining machinery and the working class made opulence possible. We incorporated rusted sheet metal – typically used to build informal housing – and an industrial gold fan as the centre of the feature bar. Layered on this were intricately patterned custom scallop tiles, art-deco themed wallpaper, arch detailing and classic styled lighting.

There is a strong mix of colours with the fabrics and finishes which works well with a custom coloured glass window pane feature wall which further reflects colours from around the space, creating a kaleidoscope of rich and vibrant colours and textures. The main feature bar is cladded with a variety of tile colours and shapes, from scallops to mini subways, accented in polished brash trim. Backlit stone laminate – adding to the mining heritage – creates a rich and warm textured feature to the back bar and front bar counter.

In the centre is an arch with a custom-made brass fan grill feature inspired by the central ventilation systems of large industrial spaces. 24 led Edison bulbs – symbolising 24 carat gold – were placed concentrically around the fan feature adding a warm and elegant ambience and further adding to the industrial station fan / clock theme.

Pot plants, greenery and dark wood herringbone cladding add further vintage art-deco appeal, making the new Jozi Gin ideal for dinner and drinks.