Optique Bench

Public Building Interior Built

Studio: Albert Potgieter Designs

Architect / Designer: Albert Potgieter

Country: Netherlands

Copyright: Martijn Roos Photography

Optique Bench

The Optique Bench is a functional art object designed in the distinct style of Albert Potgieter. He uses smaller pieces of wood to build his Art pieces into objects that are both functional and visually appealing.

Many of Albert Potgieter’s designs comes from the awe of observing nature, the lines and shapes that it produces. The Optique Bench design is no exception. The inspiration came whilst being on the family game farm in South Africa, observing tree lines, golden grass fields waving in the wind and the many intricacies of the bushveld. The design idea that started in South Africa, together with the need to produce an environmentally friendly design by using off-cut pieces of wood, turned into the first prototype of the Optique bench. This design still carries those raw, wild yet linear lines and awe that is seen in nature.

The uniqueness of this design lies in its visual aspect, hence the name, Optique. It captures the attention as it gives the impression of movement and being alive. It also carries the properties of nature and wildness with it – giving it a very special, unique look. The core of the design is to attract, to gather around and to enhance the space it fills.