Honorable Mention



Residential Interior Built

Studio: Sikora Interiors Architecture

Architect / Designer: Jan Sikora

Country: Poland

Copyright: Tom Kurek


An apartment in the heart of Gdańsk – on the banks of the Motława River, in one of the tenement houses of the Deo Plaza complex, there is an apartment designed by prof. Academy of Fine Arts Jan Sikora – the architect and owner of the Sikora Interiors Architecture studio. This extraordinary project combines historic details, world-class design and the atmosphere of a seaside resort.

The entire apartment is decorated in blue, which covers both the walls and the floor. The gray is combined with a warm, austere shade of wood, white furniture and brick, creating the atmosphere of a holiday beach house. The entire interior is an open space. The kitchen, dining room and living room interpenetrate. One separate room is the bedroom. A private space has been separated with a metal structure referring to the factory elements of the shipyard, glass and a thick curtain.

The kitchen and the living room create a coherent space. The spacious shelves with factory-made tubular finishing give it lightness, and the arches on the wall refer to the historic gates outside the window. Only the black retro refrigerator reveals the purpose of this part of the apartment. The kitchen island delimits the boundaries between it and the seating area, which is dominated by bright, upholstered furniture. The corner window glazing allows you to stealthily observe passers-by and admire the view of the Old Town of Gdańsk.

In the apartment, modern furniture blends with the historic ones, creating a harmonious composition. Between the bedroom and the living room there is a neo-renaissance desk, which conventionally delimits the study area. Interestingly, it is lower than today’s furniture of this type, adapted to contemporary users, and shows how the average human height has changed. On the opposite side, a round wooden table reminiscent of the style of the beginning of the 20th century brings together upholstered leather chairs. At the entrance there is a wooden wardrobe with a mirror.

The bedroom is decorated in the same style and color as the rest of the rooms. Blue walls are combined with black accessories and brick. An upholstered bed guarantees a comfortable rest.