Real luxury

Residential Interior Concept

Studio: Daud Architecture & Design

Architect / Designer: Anelia Daud

Country: Austria

Copyright: Anelia Daud

Real luxury

The house is located in a resort town in Central Northern Bulgaria. The house has an area of 800 square meters. The first floor includes two living rooms, kitchen with dining area, office, cinema hall, bathroom with toilet, indoor pool with fitness. The second floor includes 6 suite bedrooms and a small living room. From the windows and terraces of this house there is a beautiful view of the mountain.

The main task that our studio has set itself is to make the house as functional as possible. The rooms in the house – living room, kitchen, bedrooms, home theater, swimming pool and gym, office and bathrooms are as clean as possible in style, materials and colors. The view from the second living room to the dining room and the main part of the room “cuts” the space and clearly separates the areas. The accent in the interior is the passage of the raster ceiling through all the rooms in the house. The linear elements create a sense of wholeness and movement towards the horizon, as if overcoming the limitations of the walls. The clean shapes are highlighted with volume.