Second Award


LLO House

Private Residence Medium Architecture Built

Studio: OOIIO Architecture

Architect / Designer: Joaquín Millán

Design Team:

Joaquín Millán Villamuelas, Federica Aridon Mamolar and Jesús Reyes García

Country: Spain

Copyright: Javier de Paz

LLO House

An isolated single-family home with a private garden, consisting solely of two floors above grade. The solution adopted is a consequence of the following considerations:

– Obtaining a building with traditional design and environmental integration, through materials and construction solutions native to the area.
– Strategically organizing majority of the programming on the ground floor to achieve sufficient ventilation and lighting conditions.
– The upper floor overhang allocates spaces for shade and protection against inclement weather. Effective in the West main entrance alongside the East and South elevations that house secondary entrances. In addition, vehicular and pedestrian access is located project North at the furthest setback point from the public road.
– Aesthetic conditions reflect enticing materials and geometries found on the interior and exterior.
– An exterior two vehicle parking lot is detached from the dwelling.

Adapting organic geometries and topographies of the site, the building is organized in a rational and simple manner. Complying with current regulations and not exceeding the maximum height of 7.10m, the project volume is integrated into the plot. The massing is further defined by the calculated consideration of the plans. Mirroring the sites imprecise topography, the ground level is offset 0.10m, thus avoiding the appearance of steps, where as the flat roof and its parapets follow a contradicting ideal. For this reason, universal access is achieved and in no case is the dwelling completely buried. Likewise, interior height less than 2.00m is not habitable. With this decision, there is also minimal movement of land in the adaptation of this platform of the house.

Project geometry description:

The volume of the building is the result of the urban ordinances, the parameters related to habitability, functionality, and the programmatic schemes required by the property.

The design concept is composed of several unique prismatic volumes differentiated by their form and façade cladding organization. The disposition of the volumes embodies the impressive landscape that the Sierra de Madrid offers. These volumes are arranged methodically, representative of a “Swiss Army Knife”, resulting in overhangs that provide shade and formal richness to the site; while at the same time framing and respecting the preexisting vegetation and distant landscapes.

4.2. Program

The project program refers to a single-family home, with two floors above ground. The ground floor is defined by four organic developments: PUBLIC AREAS: Services and Office Block / Lounge Block – Living room / Kitchen – Dining room block / PRIVATE AREA: Bedroom block -All of which are interconnected by free flow hallways. The second floor is accessed via a double-height sculptural staircase leading to a bedroom with a private West facing terrace, guest bathroom and a small hall that serves as a private library as well as a prelude to the games room. In addition, a North terrace will be accessible for maintenance purposes.