Second Award


Moody Blues

Hospitality Interior Built

Studio: KNS Architect

Design Team:

Neemesh Shah -Principal Designer
Bhavesh Mewada
Priyanka Shah
Girish Gajjar

Country: India

Copyright: PHX – Photographix India

Moody Blues

The Context: A Fine dine/ lounge spread across a single floor plate of 7000 sq.ft situated In the coastal town of eastern part of India, Bhubaneshwar.

The Brief: To create a free flowing space amalgamating, yet delineating the two activities.

The Challenge: To address the dense structural grid along with the low ceiling height, creating fluidity between spaces.

The Design concept: Bhubaneswar being a coastal town, the entire concept is developed around the characteristics and behavioral patterns of water. Dynamic forms of water influenced the design while the palette is based around the colors of earth and sky. The idea was to create a fine dine cum lounge sporting relaxed and free flowing interiors, depicting coastal elements of the locale. Water is interpreted in some of its physical and perceived forms like a multiplying ripple or a tiny raindrop.

When a drop of water hits a surface it bounces up as a splash, this natural phenomenon is captured in the private dining areas. Cut-outs in the structure balance openness with privacy.

A wave with its rise and fall is frozen to form the undulating golden bar. It is painted golden to reflect the color of the sand. Light installation above the bar is an interpretation of sheets of rain pouring down. This is achieved by crystal & metal tubes suspended from the ceiling at various heights. It is designed to make the space appear like an orchestra of light.

Varied elements are incorporated while planning the space to deliver its primary role of serving a dual purpose, that of a fine dine restaurant converting to a bar later at night. The open area near the bar converts to a dance floor, use of sparsely spread color changeable fiber optic installation add drama to the space. The space is otherwise lit by an array of ceiling suspended glass globes. These globes are ceiling hung, with the aid of light and sound, multiplying effect of a water drop is cast on the floor.

The soft furnishing palette is in grey, blue & reds, which has been used throughout the scheme in a myriad of rich textures. The result is a dark and classic venue which is versatile in use. Fragments of water cohesively brought together thus keep the flow of the space very fluid with no visual barriers, yet delineating different areas.