Norwegian House

Private Residence Medium Architecture Concept

Studio: Galant I.D. Lda

Architect / Designer: Yaroslav Galant

Country: Portugal

Norwegian House

The place for the construction of the house was chosen given the main request of the client – it should be as at home. The project of the house itself also corresponds to the main request of the client – as at home, it will be built in Sintra (Portugal) for a client from Norway.

I was inspired by typical Norwegian architecture. Strict and laconic forms. Mostly wood was used in the structure of the building. Cor-ten finish. The house is located on one side to the coniferous forest, the structure of the building frame emphasizes the vertical lines of the forest.

Cor-ten with its color emphasizes the earthy (clay) shades of the mountains close to the house. The open space “0” level completely immerses you in the surrounding nature. On the 1st floor there are two bedrooms, a dressing room and a bathroom. The spiral staircase impoverishes two levels at the same time being the center of the composition.

The staircase is made of Cor-ten too. Two large glass end walls add air to the entire home, despite the dark colors of the entire home. At the entrance to the center, there is a Bonsai that meets the owner and guests of the house. All the main elements (bonsai, stairs, kitchen islands, pool) are located strictly along the axis. The facade wall consists of vertical beams that make it impossible to directly view the interior of the site, nevertheless creating the effect of openness.