Seaview Coffee

Commercial Architecture Concept

Studio: D1 architectural studio

Architect / Designer: Linh Nguyen

Country: Viet Nam

Seaview Coffee

For many people, a visit to a coffee shop is an essential part of the daily routine, whether they’re picking up a cup on their way to work or setting up shop with their laptop, meeting with potential clients, or directing their business from afar. Not only a temporary home for business people, coffee shops have and always been the place for friends to meet, for lovers to hang out and for lonely souls to sip in their solitude. Coffee shop houses accommodate a wide array of visitors, and therefore it is rather difficult to create an universal ambience for the shop. In this project, our studio aims to create a space that highlights the sensory details of the atmosphere, capitalizing on the shop’s ideal location facing the Kien Giang beach.

The design emphasizes an experience of space, instead of focusing too much on the functionality aspect. Seaview Cafe benefits from a great view facing the sea. The client wishes to renovate the space, which is a garden cafe that had deteriorated after 3 years in operation. Not only should the new design be refreshing, it also needs to affirm a unique brand identity for the restaurant, connect the space of the floors and exploit the poetic scenery overlooking the Kien Giang sea. Inspiration for this design came to the architectural team during a trip. As we sit on the deck of the ship crossing the Kien Giang sea, listen to the sea breeze caress our skin, to the melodious sound of waves crashing against the side of the boat, smell the salty wind, we feel that “the sea” is not just a physical object, but also a sensory space, an experience. From that idea, the design of SeaView Cafe became one that synthesizes movement and stillness.

The first floor space incorporates a miniature waterfall so that guests can sit in the tranquility of the space while listening to the sound of water. In the top floor, open spaces are maximized, a small garden is placed in the middle of the space to help maintain a relation with nature. The floor is divided into two partitions: one in the interior where guests can appreciate the tranquility of their surroundings and enjoy the beautiful melodies from the piano. The outside partition grants its visitors a majestic view of the sea. The focal point of the project is the impressive bridge in vibrant red, connecting the ground floor and the third floor.

The bridge enables guests to experience subtle changes in the scenery from each point of view, as they go up the bridge. While ascending the bridge, guests can feel as though the space is moving with them. This experience stimulates all five of our senses: eyes to admire the Kien Giang sea from the bridge, ear to listen to the waves, noses and tongue to take in the salty wind, while our bodies become one with nature.