Hospitality Interior Built

Studio: Asthetíque Group

Architect / Designer: Julien Albertini

Design Team:

Alina Pimkina
Julien Albertini
Ilya Mozgunov

Country: United States

Copyright:  Mikhail Loskutov


Equal parts timeless and evocative, the restaurant’s design pairs tactile delight and minimal elegance in perfect harmony, resulting in a high vibrational environment that is hopeful, inviting, and sincere. Featuring lustrous floor-to-ceiling windows, expansive city views, and a flotilla of meaningful natural elements like clay, oak, gradient glass, and limestone; diners can anticipate enjoying their long weekend lunches surrounded by immersive interior elements
inspired by feminine bionic shapes, all while basking in natural, healing sunlight.

Since the interior is naturally a three-dimensional space, it is important to highlight its depth using thoughtful layering of the white color. We took advantage of textures, colors, and shapes to achieve that. Our all-white bionic wall design naturally creates soft shadows, which we accentuated using wildflowers. Additionally, the concept is based on a contrast – soft bionic forms and rough stone surfaces turn leading to a visually rich atmosphere.

Even with its more modern palette, the space still manages to embrace you and make you feel at home. From the geometric tiles on the floor to the split-face limestone columns
lining the open kitchen, everywhere you turn, some moments make you gasp. There’s no doubt that this is an inspiring design that captures all the aspects necessary for creating a space that is 50% timeless 50% interesting.

The design reacts to a noisy, overpopulated environment cluttered with digital and material excess. It is about ‘introversion, digital detox, reflections on purity, mindfulness of choice, thinking bout what surrounds us and who we are.