Platinum Winner



Housing Interior Concept

Studio: Canairi

Architect / Designer: Hans Augustenborg

Design Team:

Hans Augustenborg, Andreas Kofoed Sørensen

Country: Denmark

Copyright: Albert Sommerlund


The minimalistic yet playful Canairi monitors the indoor climate with a CO2-sensor and encourage you to ventilate your home. The idea for the Canairi stems from the old practice of using canaries in coal mines to warn miners of poor air. When the air quality is poor Canairi will drop down, encouraging you to bring it back to life by opening your windows and ventilate your home. The democratic design language makes it simple for children to understand, but also invites the minimalist adult to play along. Canairi is made of recycled plastics and equipped with a rechargeable battery and a wall-mount.

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