T-Modular System

Furniture Design Concept

Studio: Sara Hayat Design

Architect / Designer: Sara Hayat

Country: United States

Copyright: Sara Hayat Design

T-Modular System

We believe that our furniture can either be an afterthought or it can be carefully selected to be our support system, silently facilitating connection and helping us reimagine what is possible.

The T- Modular was designed around the concept of Playful Luxury. The tufted pieces of cushions can be used as individual pieces and then be combined together to make a sleek, modern looking sofa. Seen in the pictures is the sofa in its ‘exploded’ form and also when configured into two different sofas (T4 & T3). The cushioning for the modular is especially made using a combination of gel foam and high density foam. The combination cushioning used will help to maintain the shape of the modular even after years of use. The piece is hand-made and hand-stitched.The upholstery recommended is soft, luxurious velvet. It also comes in leather variation as well.

The individual pieces of the T-Modular are held together by a system of hooks, rings and cables. Each piece is composed of a wooden frame to which the hooks and cables will be attached. We have also put in spring under the cushioning to give support to the high quality combination foam. The hooks and rings will be located on the connecting sides between the grooves of the stitching so it is hidden when pulled apart. We are also testing out the sofa using heavy duty, interlocking brackets. These brackets will be covered by the same upholstery used on the rest of the modular. The last image illustrates the concept and is subject to change.

The best part of the T-Modular is that by providing two extra cube-shaped pieces of cushions, you can make two entirely different looking sofas – the T4 and the T3 Modular. A great deal of time was spent coming up with the shapes and optimal sizes for each piece in order to achieve this result. Both the modulars can be used in your great room, home theater, the den or even the kids play area. It is a unique piece that can be used by the entire family. The kids can pull it apart and build a fort and then put it together to form a beautiful sofa for entertaining friends and family. The dimensions of the pieces in inches is as follows; L144” x W54” x H36.”

We love the versatility of the piece. It speaks to our commitment to the human experience and connecting the diverse personalities that will occupy and use this playful and fun sofa.