[The Higgstec Inc. Yilan Manufacturing Plant]

Corporate Architecture Built

Studio: HW Studio

Design Team:

HUANG,I-CHIANG (SI-JHU Construction Ltd)
MU Studio

Country: Taiwan

 [The Higgstec Inc. Yilan Manufacturing Plant]

[The Higgstec Inc. Yilan Manufacturing Plant] is an ambitious architecture design initiatives from HW Studio, Taiwan. It is the perfect integration of 3 Core Ideas:
(1) Preservation of Local Culture & Heritage,
(2) Eco-Friendly (Adaptability + Sustainability)
(3) Impeccable Iconic Look and Feel.

Located in Su’ao Township of Yilan County, Taiwan near the Pacific Ocean, the original 2008 iconic building had served generations of locals as well as other Taiwanese who moved there to work & build a better life for themselves. With that in mind, HW Studio decided to go for an “adapt for revival” instead of the usual “demolish to build” approach to this design, so as to preserve the unique heritage, legacy and memories of the people.

Yilan has preserve some of the most beautiful nature scenery of Taiwan yet the weather is unlike most other parts of Taiwan. For ages, Yilan’s residents had lived through a hot and wet summer, a rainy winter, autumn of hurricanes and it is also within the area of earthquakes. That’s one of the reasons why Yilan’s people are strong believers in respecting and adapting to nature and often seen as cultured, hardworking yet tough and vigilant.

These climate variables together with the resilient nature of Yilan’s people gave the design team an unique opportunities to shape a New Soul for the building, from the choice of premium steel structure with integration to durable yet lightweight materials and most unique of all, the “double layer” outer cosmetic design of the building.

The original “curtain like” glass windows design was kept intact to decreased tons of material waste & pollution impact from unnecessary demolishing and tearing down of the original structure.

But the real “magic” happens on the 2nd layer outer structure that adapt to the shape of the original. Built with premium quality and robust micro-transmittance material, it composed of 5 Structured Modules, each carefully placed in sequence of azimuth angle according to the daily sunlight tracks of the surroundings. This unique approach brings a “breath of fresh air” to the building, giving it a sense of revival energy not only on the external look, but also to the internal lightings for the people who work inside throughout the day.

Not only that, the design also functions as a ventilation space that helps regulate the internal temperature naturally, saving up on the air-conditioner power consumption, thus playing a part to lower carbon emission for Taiwan.

On top of all these, this unique design also strengthens the building and become More Resilience to sustain through tough weather conditions and can better withstand shakes from earthquakes as well, just like the strong and vigilant people of Yilan County.