Botevgradsko office and logistics park

Industrial Architecture Built

Studio: IES proekt 2008 ltd

Design Team:

ASA EOOD, Prof. Dr. Arch. Kalin Tiholov
„IES Proekt – 2008“ EOOD, AssosProf. Dr. Arch. Elitsa Ivanova
Arch. Radi Zahariev

Country: Bulgaria

Copyright: George Palov

Botevgradsko office and logistics park

  • Built-up area: 10,497 m2
  • Total floor area: 29,002.2 m2

The building has three floors, divided into 5 blocks. In order to separate the blocks not only visually, but also purely informatively, colored thermal panels were used for the facades. Each of the blocks has an independent entrance from the northern façade that leads to a staircase with elevators. The entrances are emphasized with suspended glass façades and glass roofs. This glazing separates additionally the long façade and it creates a very different and interesting silhouette. Thus, each block has its own color, which will be later on used as the main color in the development of its interior.
The first and second floors have entirely storage function. The third floor of the building has an office and service function. 17 offices, two conference rooms, a restaurant and a gym are designed for the employees in the building.

The offices are located along a corridor connecting all the blocks from one end to the other. Due to the length of the building the corridor is 240 m. In order to make clear where a person is when moving on it in the interior, the main colors of the facade of each of the blocks are used. Niches with a recreational function are provided in the corridors of each block. These widenings break the endless corridor and give it a new look and greater comfort.
The main color of the corridors is dark gray, it provides the background to place the color MDF panels, milled and painted, with vertical and horizontal frames from timber fladder elements. The doors to the rooms are also in the selected color, milled in a way in compliance with the decorative MDF panels. The suspended ceilings are a combination of gypsum cardboard in color and color MDF panels. These panels, placed at various height and back-lit with hidden light, contribute also to the variety in the “endless“ corridor.

The restaurant is designed for the employees in the building. It has 210 seats. The interior of the restaurant corresponds to the main concept, and again the main color of the respective block is used, which in this case is blue.

As a whole, the building is impressing with its horizontal and vertical planning beyond the standard, with the creative and offbeat approach of the façade formation and all interior spaces. The exterior and the interior follow one main idea line that is achieved by means of using all possible means, in order to reach the best possible result and to meet all challenges, set at the beginning of the design process.

During the design has been included a big part of energy efficiency measures, for reduction of the operational costs of the sites in the building. It has been used insulation of highest class, panels with the best possible parameters, so that during the winter no energy is invested to heat the storage facilities. All the lightning in the building are with energy saving LED lighting fixtures.