Argon 18

Showroom Exhibit Interior Design Built

Professional Category

Architect / Designer: Conceptum International

Country: Canada

Copyright: Phil Bernard

Canadian bicycle manufacturer Argon 18 was nearing the end of its lease and needed to find new facilities to house its operations. The company saw this as an excellent opportunity to rethink its needs and update its corporate image.

After several months of market research and multiple visits, the selected location was found on the first floor of an industrial building with high ceilings and large windows that reflected the new corporate vision.

In close collaboration with the Danish design firm, Johannes Torpe Studios, we moved the project forward. The client’s initial intention? To bring together the whole spectrum of the company’s operations under one roof, while ensuring a harmonious environment. The goal was to integrate the offices, assembly and storage area, lounge and showroom where clients and employees could meet at any time. Finally, the client wanted to create a space offering a unique experience that would retrace the company’s history throughout the years.

The purpose of our close collaboration with Johannes Torpe Studios was to anchor the design of the Montreal offices with the one previously developed by the Danish team at United Cycling in Lynge, Denmark. The guiding principle of the Montreal concept naturally aimed towards the principle of time; past, present and future.

The layout phase figured prominently in the architectural mechanics. Analyzing and allocating the so-called public versus private areas, as well as analyzing foot traffic based on proximity, made it possible to design a showroom in the centre of the space. Hence becoming the hub of the layout, this core element, the connecting link between all other areas, seeks to showcase the vision of the future of cycling. The symmetry of the space creates an illusion of infinity and upholds innovation, science and technology. The refined environment highlights, without any distractions, the products that are showcased. Using independently-operated light switches, each cubicle can feature and leverage a specific product. A lighting control system has also been added for the same reasons: to customize an event, a moment in time, a bicycle.