Emerald Collection | Concept

Art Design Built

Professional Category

Studio: DF Original Designs

Architect / Designer: David Joseph Fleshman

Design Team:

Creative Director: David J. Fleshman
Illustrator: David J. Fleshman

Country: United States

Copyright: David J. Fleshman

While designing the project, our main inspiration was to develop something new and different. The solution that I came up with for the viewer is to take photographs of the flowers and nature. The Emerald has different shades of greens that sparked the viewer by creating a new way of life. The Emerald encouraged nature and spring. It also contains patterns and symmetry. The goal for the design was to keep the image fun for the viewer to look at and ponder. The symbolic brand for this design is flowers and nature. I used digital techniques such as combining digital photography and digital design. I used a Rebel T7 Canon camera and enhanced the photographs that I took by digital manipulation. The hardest part of the design process was trying to break the model and to be different in the creation process.


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There was no research behind it because it would overthink the design process. The design that I was going for had patterns and symmetry. Make the colors vibrate as they jump off the page. The passion for the design is just creating something new to see to have that emotional feeling about it and represent it by reminding yourself of how the Emerald feels and what it stands for in each person.