Product Design Concept

Student Category

Studio: Musa

Architect / Designer: Diana Albares de la Lama-Noriega

Design Team:

Diana Albares de la Lama-Noriega
Paula Gómez Sánchez

Country: Spain

ENFAMILIA is a bench designed for everyone. Its adjustable height results in supportivement, inclusivement and interactivement.
We pictured this product in schools, canteens, parks, events, etc. With its design, we bring a certain concern for a more united world. A world with less insecurities and complexes, in which everyone can participate equally. A place where living together as one big family.
The bench is composed of a series of ribs, connected by two metal bars. Each rib can come in different materials such as recycled plastic, solid wood or cork.


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MUSA is a design studio composed by two 22 years old who have just stepped out of de Interior Design Degree at UDIT, in Madrid. Our aim is to find ourselves a path in the world of design. We are fond of adaptable, playfull, didactic furniture and spaces that would allow everybody to feel included and safe. We care for the environment and always try to look for new solutions that are more adequate for this contantly changing world.