Medical Health Care Product Design Concept

Professional Category

Studio: DCGS

Architect / Designer: Eric Lalande

Design Team:

Eric Lalande

Country: Canada

Copyright: ERic Lalande

Under special conditions or extreme circumstances, there can be a need to transport or distribute prefilled syringes to caregivers. These could be major disasters, offsite medical interventions, transport to remote locations, or immunization campaigns. The Emergency Syringe Capsule (ESC) provides protection and a temperature-controlled environment for ten syringes. A color-changing cold pack offers visual cues to assess the internal temperature of the capsule quickly. This feature ensures the syringes will stay at a safe temperature for up to 5 hours. The ESC also includes various security features to alert users of potential tampering. The syringe’s locations are identified numerically and by colors making communication between caregivers easier. One of the essential characteristics of the ESC is to allow for centralized storage and distribution of vaccines or any other type of medication. It can also be used during major conflicts or terrorist events since it is now possible to prepare kits in advance, in batches, and store them in refrigerators until distribution.