EY Corporate Office

Corporate Interior Design Built

Professional Category

Studio: Spazio Ideale

Architect / Designer: Tomi Olatunbode

Design Team:

Temilola Oyenuga- Design Lead
Omarosa Eghobamien- Project Design Lead
Oluwasemilogo Adeyemi- Design Associate
Ayodele Okotcha- Design Associate
Shola Ayantokun – Design Associate

Country: Nigeria

Copyright: Ebony & Ivory Media

The design of the EY office focused on two main principles: addressing client pain points and integrating form and function. The goal was to create a visually balanced and sustainable environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and productivity. By utilizing sustainable materials and design choices, the space embodies EY’s mission of “building a better working world.”

Incorporating local materials such as rattan, cane, and straw, the design brings originality and an indigenous feel to the workspace. Existing materials were also repurposed to promote sustainability. The colour palette, featuring beige and dusty tones, pays homage to the northern part of Nigeria, known for its dusty climate.

A standout feature of the design is the integration of murals and wallpapers inspired by the EY brand logo. For instance, the meeting rooms showcase deconstructed versions of the logo as murals, strengthening the brand presence within the space.

The reception area sets the tone for the office, drawing inspiration from the brand’s foundation and service lines. The contemporary look of the space is juxtaposed with planters that take inspiration from the “Talking drum”: A hour-glass shaped drum that can be regulated to mimic human speech commonly used by the Yoruba tribe in western Nigeria. The space was designed to be contemporary with deeply-rooted cultural undertones.

The formal meeting room embodies the purpose of “building a better working world” through its simple yet crafted space. The selection of materials in the space was made to add character to the room, enhancing the human experience while reinforcing the brand’s culture.

The open individual workspaces cater to both independent work and collaboration; giving employees choice in the way they work by providing multiple work location options within the limited space, the design is stable yet encourages dynamism.

Through thoughtful integration, the design of the EY office, Abuja creates an inviting and dynamic workspace that reflects the company’s commitment to “building a better working world.”