Jiva Houses

Residential Architecture Built

Professional Category

Studio: Cephe Mimarlık

Company: Akova İnşaat San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Architect / Designer: Işıl Gençoğlu

Country: Turkey

Jiva Houses Project is located in the Burhaniye district of Balikesir, in the İskele district and right in front of the Burhaniye-Iskele marina which has a fascinating view to the Aegean Sea. The project is located in the center of the oxygen paradise with a view of Kaz (Ida) Mountains on the sea side and Madra Mountains on the İzmir road side. Due to its location, the site is 30 km from Ayvalık, 11 km from Balıkesir Koca Seyit Airport, 180 km from İzmir and 157 km from Çanakkale.

Apart from the location of the project, it is covers an important historical structure that inspired project’s architecture. There are two buildings of great historical importance for the region, one of which is a first degree historical monument and the other an example of civil architecture in the records of Ministry of Culture of Turkey. Our project, on the other hand, was designed as if they were the outbuildings of these structures, and for this reason, the facades and roofs were harmonized with the mentioned historical buildings which were used as olive oil factory in the past. On top of that, our design is T.C. It was approved by the Ministry of Culture meaning that the exterior design cannot be changed in the future. Macedonian type houses were considered as a concept for the exterior architecture of the houses. In the interior plans, the living space of each apartment was planned to be on the sea side, and the positioning of the buildings was arranged so that each apartment could see the sea.

Project; It consists of 5 blocks, A, B, C, D, E, and there are 14 flats, 2 business houses and 4 shops in total within the scope of the project. Blocks A, C and D are completely residential. The top of the B block is residential, the bottom is commercial, and the E block is completely designed as a shop. While A, B and C blocks consist of 3+1 houses, D block consists of 2+1 flats. The project offers a high-class life to people also provides a commercially living environment with restaurants.

Each house has their own car park within the project. In addition, the landscaping is inspired by the plants of our region. It is planned that the quality of life of the residents of the site will be protected by the site security. The site pool was designed to resemble an olive (famous in the region) when viewed from above.

In the design of the logo, the anchor, which is the trademark of shipowner Jiva (it has survived on the soap factory building until today), and the colors of olive and olive oil, which the factory has been producing for a long time, were considered. It was decorated with the façade design of our project.

The stone cladding is handcrafted. Assos stone which belongs to the region is used for façade. Sustainable building materials preferred such as pumice blocks, hand made tiling etc.