Khaoyai Private Residence

Residential Interior Design Concept

Professional Category

Studio: dwp | design worldwide partnership

Architect / Designer: dwp | design worldwide partnership

Design Team:

Sarinrath Kamolratanapiboon
Narach Tanakobkul
Pranapda Phornprapha Chirathivat
Meedatch Inthong
Orranichcha Pivaraburt

Country: Thailand

The Khao Yai Residence, crafted by dwp, serves as a harmonious amalgamation of natural elements and luxurious aesthetics. Envisioned by renowned architect WARchitect, landscape creators Techtonix, and an adept lighting designer, this vacation home is a majestic creation in Nakorn Ratchasima province and Khao Yai city, which fittingly translates to “a big mountain.”

Inspired by the homeowner’s desire for a weekend retreat, the design concept revolves around the interpretation of “Khao Yai.” The unique character of this project stems from its commitment to encapsulate the essence of the forest, water, and stone—three pivotal elements derived from the surroundings.

Sprawling across an expansive area, this vacation home boasts two master bedrooms, three guest rooms, nine bathrooms, two living rooms, a gym, a spa, a playroom, two swimming pools, and four gardens. Every feature of this residence is a testament to unparalleled luxury, thoughtfully designed to maximize comfort and enjoyment.

The element of the forest is embodied through the extensive use of raw and fine wood in the interior design. From furniture and ceiling panels to wood flooring and door handles, every detail echoes the richness of the forest. Leaf-inspired chandeliers and pendants further enhance this thematic continuity.

Water, the symbol of life, is translated into the project through fluid furniture designs and textures. Features shaped in the form of curves, drops, and flows mirror the water patterns, whilst sculptures inspired by waterfalls foster a sense of life and vivacity.

The stone element offers a unique blend of raw stones, including pebbles and cladding stones, and luxurious marble. Sourced from Italy, Spain, and Brazil, the use of marble lends an aura of elegance, transforming the house into a stunning gem.

Strategically designed lighting further accentuates the “Khao Yai” theme. During the day, light filters in, creating shadows akin to leaves on the forest floor, and illuminating furniture. At night, the dimmed lighting sets a serene mood, allowing residents to feel the transition between day and night.

In essence, the Khao Yai Residence is a tribute to the harmony between nature and opulence. Every detail, from the materials and furniture to the functionality of spaces, resonates with the design concept. Whether it’s the break of dawn or the fall of night, the owner can experience the sublime beauty of Khao Yai from the comfort of their home. This ambitious venture truly delivers a unique and unforgettable living experience.


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