Marsa Headquarter

Office building Architecture Concept

Professional Category

Studio: PT. Marsa Andreo Desain

Architect / Designer: Faldo Andreo

Design Team:

Faldo Andreo and PT MAD Design Team.

Country: Indonesia

Copyright: Faldo Andreo

Inspired by the visual aspect of aurora and company’s opened-door logo, the design of Marsa Headquarter open doors of possibilities that drawn in form of architecture in any imaginable part. Greeted by the swift arc-lines on facade that spreading-out to every corner, it addresses unbound-able spirit to reach wider corporate goals. Both forms and light-adaptable materials selection are handpicked at a mind to showcase a solid unity between diversified holdings. Those are presented in organic futuristic building form while maintained nature existence.

MARSA HQ is the office headquarter of Marsa17 Group, located at Surabaya city in Indonesia. Designed to be the central hub of the corporation’s businesses and leaders of the companies under the group at national-scale. While designed as a featured-pack visionary work space, the designer confronts a solid artistic concept in both architecture and interior elements. Thus, a blend of minimalism luxury and farsighted neo-futurism creates a unique atmosphere for employees, even guests.

For a non-large scale building, the architecture itself is well adopts a quite amount of curves in almost all aspects, such; layouts, elevation to 3D visuals that taken from the swiftness signifier of aurora. A striking drop-off that created by the dispersed arc-lines of entrance skylight elevates its user experience at their very first step. The flow continues as entering lobby ground that available for public and mezzanine level for designated meeting guests by escalators. On its side, employees could access office space and other facilities by card lift access. Though the design divides area and level by its privacy, these building are designed for employee to work anywhere. Even deck lounges, self-service cafe or backyards can be an enjoyable work space.

Marsa HQ (Headquarter) is located at the Shophouse Park of Graha Natura, in west Surabaya. One of the most prestigious location in the city. Precisely, Graha Natura BC-01, BC-02, BC-03 and BC-05, Surabaya 60225, East Java – Indonesia. The design process from discussion, concepts to technical drawings was taken nearly a year; started at Mid 2022 and finished on First Quarter of 2023. It is scheduled to start construction at the beginning of 2024 (Schedule can be early or delayed by the corporate decision).


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Faldo Andreo is the Head Design Consultant of PT. Marsa Andreo Desain (Marsa17 Group), assisting in designing some of the most beautiful establishments in the world and works closely with related professionals in construction, engineering, management and development. An International Award-Winning Designer with more than a decade of experience in design industry and consultant in diversified categories. As the company grow, previously known as Fal Andreo & design associates is now PT. Marsa Andreo Desain, acquired under Marsa17 Group and Faldo Andreo is the design brand.