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Studio: Salagnac Arquitectos

Architect / Designer: Lucca Spendlingwimmer and Evangelina Quesada

Design Team:

Arch. Lucca Spendlingwimmer
Arch. Evangelina Quesada

Country: Costa Rica

Copyright: Andrés García Lachner

Design: Architects Evangelina Quesada and Lucca Spendlingwimmer
Photos: Andrés Garcia Lachner

Salagnac Architects Design Studio
The property that houses the new facilities of the Salagnac Arquitectos team is located in Nosara, Guanacaste. This area is characterized by its warm climate and its abundance of natural settings, which inspire our architecture.
The office is next to one of the busiest streets and a few meters from the Nosara River; unfolding among dense nature but connected to the day to day of the town. This proximity to the river, however, means that there is a high risk of flooding at least once every two years.
Another challenge we faced when designing the building was of course the health crisis caused by COVID-19, which made us question the way workspaces are typically built.
We are strongly convinced that architecture should promote the maximum integration of the building and the environment, in order to reduce the impact it causes on nature.
The Salagnac Architects Studio rises 1.80 meters above the ground, on steel stilts. This allows the building to adapt to the flood. The rest of its main structure consists of the same structural steel frame repeated along the lattice geometry of the building. The geometric systems implemented provide organization and logic to the design, which leads to an efficient construction process.
All this is hidden behind a series of wooden parasols that provide privacy without completely blocking the sun and, at the same time, ensure cross ventilation throughout the building.
On the roof, solar panels that connect directly to the main electrical system provide 100% of the electricity the building needs during a typical workday.
Up the stairs to the wooden platform, there are two swings that define the space as a waiting area that can be used for impromptu gatherings. There is also a hand sanitizing station before the entrance.
Upon entering the reception, there is an office space enclosed to one side. On the other side, wide corridors flow from the meeting room, balconies and open office space, finally reaching the kitchen and team break room.
All the spaces have an immediate connection with vegetation, warm materials and natural light; elements that result in a pleasant and healthy workspace that, in turn, activates all the senses and encourages creativity.
Faced with the natural difficulties of the property and in the midst of a global health crisis, the team seeks to establish an architectural language that applies bioclimatic strategies and energy efficient systems while offering a healthier way of developing work spaces and in contact with nature and lifestyle in general.


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Salagnac Architects strongly believes that contemporary tropical architecture promotes the maximum integration of the building and the environment, in order to diminish the impact it causes on nature. What this type of architecture entails is that human comfort can be accomplished by means of efficient energy consumption systems, bioclimatic design strategies and advanced technology. This innovative architecture integrates, in a creative way, the environment, technology and aesthetics. The constant search for alternative construction materials and systems allows Salagnac Architects to develop projects with a high level of design and spatial quality.