Simple Code II Smartwatch Face

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Studio: Artalex

Architect / Designer: Pan Yong

Design Team:

Simple Code II Smartwatch Face © 2023 ARTALEX.

Country: Singapore

Copyright: Pan Yong

The design of Simple Code II is to target as many aspects of life as possible. The three colour combinations, blue/black, white/grey, and brown/purple, not only cover users of different ages and gender but are also suitable for pairing business and casual outfits. The layout is targeted to provide a smoother user experience. In the middle of the dial, the month, the date and the day form a line that cut through the watch face in half conveying the visual balance.


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Artalex is a personal design brand. It was founded by Alex Pan Yong for his hobby and represents his passion for art and design from him. It started as just a name for his Instagram account. Since 2017, it became his brand name.