Swan Lake AVG

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Studio: Alexander Shorokhoff Uhrenmanufaktur GmbH

Architect / Designer: Alexander Shorokhov

Design Team:

Alexander Shorokhov, founder and namesake of the Alexander Shorokhoff watch manufactory, studied architecture and is a trained civil engineer, which is where his flair for shapes and colors and his talent for exceptional design come from. The design of the “Swan Lake AVG” comes from his hand.

Alexander Shorokhov is a world traveler and draws inspiration from the many countries and cultures he visits. These facets combined with German precision result in the extraordinary individual design of the watches, coupled with a lot of dedication, excellent quality and the highest possible precision.

Country: Germany

Copyright: Alexander Shorokhoff Uhrenmanufaktur GmbH

The new alarm watch “Swan Lake AVG” is dedicated to Peter Tchaikovsky and his most famous ballet – Swan Lake. And this is not accidental, because the numbers on the colored alarm clock disc, which is placed in the center of the clock, were designed and developed in a curvy style. This style, with its curved shape, is said to be reminiscent of the world-famous ballet that had its world premiere in 1877 at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. To this day, Swan Lake is part of the standard repertoire of classical ballet companies and the new alarm clock by “Alexander Shorokhoff” brings this glory back to life.

The colored disc in the center of the dial is used to set the alarm time and is built into a complex two-layer construction of the dial. In the area at six o’clock there is a small plate with an arrow. If you connect the desired alarm time exactly to this small arrow, a gentle alarm signal sounds at that time. This alarm disc can be set by a separate crown, which is located in the area at 11 o’clock on the case. When the crown is turned clockwise, the disc thereby rotates in the opposite direction, i.e. counterclockwise.

The outer area of the dial embodies the softness of the watch with a light mother-of-pearl, while the inner alarm disc shines in a rich green. The hour and minute hands were designed in the usual “Alexander Shorokhoff” style with luminous material, so that the time can be easily read even at night. The gold-plated hour appliqués emphasize the glamorous watch.

However, the special feature of this new watch is the hinged double case. This additional feature allows the owner of this alarm clock to have an unrestricted view of the time even when lying down and enjoy the pleasant sound of the alarm tone.

The engravers of the “Alexander Shorokhoff” watch manufactory have also done a great job with the finishing of the movement. The movement has been imaginatively engraved and valuably refined. Traditionally engraved motifs of the bridges, as well as the guilloché of the cogs create a nostalgic feeling. After engraving and polishing, all bridges are gold-plated or rhodium-plated, as well as the screws are blued to give the movement a particularly beautiful look. Little by little, a fantastic little work of art is created, which can be admired in all its beauty through a sapphire crystal case back.

With a limitation of 30 pieces per dial color, this elegant alarm clock is dedicated to the 30. anniversary of the manufacture.


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