The CAB: Multi Residential Apartments

Renovation Architecture Built

Professional Category

Studio: Love & Co. and Josephine Design

Architect / Designer: Love & Co.

Design Team:

Interior Design: Josephine Love, Josephine Design
Developer: John Love, Managing Director, Love & Co.
Architect: Jasmax
Heritage Architect: Salmond Reed
Construction Company: Naylor Love
Project Management: Beca

Country: New Zealand

Copyright: Jono Parker

The CAB, short for ‘Civic Administration Building’, represented a rare adaptive re-use opportunity that was seized upon by the developer Love & Co. Jasmax Architects and Josephine Design who have a specialisation in converting ‘no longer fit for use’ commercial buildings into luxury residential developments. This mixed-use development has 114 residences and an overall land size of 5,135sqm.

The brief was to celebrate this landmark structure and create spaces that enhanced the natural light and vista while at the same time creating a sanctuary in the city, it was ultimately about finding balance. The plan has seen 114 residences created with a number of different configurations created to maximise the individual strengths of each apartment’s orientation within the building all faithfully executed to its A-list heritage.

For its new residents it was not only a chance to acquire a piece of Auckland’s civic history but also an address in the heart of the Arts & Culture precinct in New Zealand’s largest city.

An all new exterior façade and total interior refurbishment using modern materials that are all faithfully executed to its A-list heritage. Completed in 2022, re-using the original steel frame of the building from 1966 saved 6,150 tonnes of carbon, a win for the planet. 98% of the demolition material has been used to build new roads versus ending up in the dump! Staying true to the original aesthetic Josephine Design also incorporated recycled kauri from the original auditorium and the original steel & aggregate staircase has been kept – a nod to the modern international style of the building. The building also features hand laid European wood floors from sustainable forests and also sustainable wool carpets.

“Adaptive reuse is good for the planet. Instead of taking a knock-it-down-and build-a-new-one approach, repurposing buildings is important for the future. The beauty of steel is that it is readily adaptable.”
Andy Anderson, Principal Architect, Jasmax

“Reusing the steel and not having to incorporate any more energy, that’s rewarding. and there is no carbon to account for with the steel frame, it’s already been accounted for.”
Neil Horsfield, General Manager – Structures, BECA

The pinnacle is the stunning 556sqm single penthouse on Level 18. Architect, developer and designer utilised full height operable glazing around the Sky Garden Courtyard. This was matched with full height glazing to the west and east aspects of the building to enable users to experience views of the sea and beyond while standing in any part of the internal courtyard.

“The new use and layout of the penthouse celebrates the existing form of the floor plate, whilst giving a new lease of life and use to the entire level. It fulfils the original design intent achieving light filled and panoramic views.” Josh Curtis, Architect, Jasmax

The renovation of this iconic culturally important Auckland landmark ensures it’s life into the next 100 years.


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Given the unique opportunities presented to renovate and refurbish an existing office block in a prime location, Cat A heritage protection, the brief for all apartments was clear. Criteria for the Penthouse below.

Key for the brief for Penthouse:
• Flexibility of use, to enable a work / live, family / extended family and family / entertainment spaces
• Cherish the Sky Garden Courtyard
• The Master Suite, a sanctuary within
• A kitchen that is the heart of the home
• The finest of materials to be incorporated to create a trophy property like no other.