Viña Seña, Quincho and Lookout Point.

Custom Architecture Built

Professional Category

Studio: Germán del Sol, Architects.

Architect / Designer: Germán del Sol.

Design Team:

Alicia León, architect.
Francisca Schuler, architect.
Carlos Venegas, architect.

Country: Chile

Copyright: Guy Wenborne.

Viña Seña.
Quincho and Lookout Point.

The Master Plan that we did for Seña Vineyard, included in the first place, the construction of a Quincho and Vista Point, enhancing the curved vineyards with straight walls built out of big existing stones, repairing gravel roads, building an appropriate entrance gate, some fences, etc.,

The objective of the Master Plan is to convert the existing Seña vineyard, into a place that may seduce travelers from Chile and from all over the World to come and enjoy a unique experience of the natural and cultural beauty of the Chilean country culture, that is reflected in the splendor of a vineyard, that has the privilege to produce Premium wine via biodynamic farming.

A good Master Plan has to place the vineyard as a part of the whole landscape, in order to receive power and beauty from its relationship with the natural and cultural or cultivated landscape of the Aconcagua valley.

An entrance gate with the name Seña appears on the access road to the Vineyard coming from Ocoa, so that there is an ample and luminous space for the entrance.

The road, slowly undulates between the vineyards and goes, without needing anymore explanation or signs, from the entrance to the Vineyard, to the lookout.

We are focused on discovering everything that the Seña Vineyard and its natural and cultural surroundings have in its splendor, in order to combine them in a superior experience, is to be the result of the plan.


Germán del Sol, Architects.

Saturated color because our world is not white, and white reflects a purity that is alien to us and seems dead to us.

Thick and imprecise line to be firm, but subtly insecure, accepting the error, affirming and doubting the certainties that architecture provides to human life.

Deep and true search for a relationship with the native cultures of all Latin America without being folkloric.

The movement must be contained in the experience of the work in a place, the turns are necessary to respond to life as it is, there is no sculpture, no decorative artifice.