Wallpaper ” Solar Silence”

Interior Design Elements Concept

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Studio: SIA Baltic Services

Architect / Designer: ‘-Natalja -Bluma

Design Team:

Natalia Bluma

SIA “Magnum NT”
Adrese: Šarlotes iela 18A, Rīga, Latvija, LV-1001

Country: Latvia

Copyright: DE [email protected]

“Solar Silence”
The basis of this work was prepared for the exhibition of the Latvian Union of Designers. Her task is to find SILENCE in a noisy and sound-filled space.
Break away from the environment and hear it in communication with design. In other words, to feel peace and quiet in the space of your home.
In this project, the idea of an aged fresco was used in contrast with a modern interior. The theme of old willow trees, pierced by sunlight, pacifies the space.
They are slightly stylized graphically and in color.
The color of the fresco may vary depending on the color of the interior.
It is submitted to the competition in the development stage.

Materials of the firm ANTALIS.
Material COALA WALLCOVER TEXTILE 260 gsm. It has a fine texture and a self-adhesive layer. Sheet width 1.00M.
Mounted on a prepared wall.
Digital printing SIA “Magnum NT”


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