Cyber Element Smartwatch Face

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Studio: Artalex

Architect / Designer: Pan Yong

Design Team:

Cyber Element Smartwatch Face © 2023 ARTALEX.

Country: Singapore

Copyright: Pan Yong

The Cyber Element smartwatch face exudes a sleek cyberpunk aesthetic through its minimalist design. The fusion of futuristic and simplistic styles, along with the use of color themes, effectively conveys both the simplicity and complexity of information. By skillfully placing the information indicators, the dial is kept uncluttered, which not only saves space but also ensures optimal readability. The resulting design makes the smartwatch an ideal choice for both casual and entertainment settings.


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Artalex is a personal design brand. It was founded by Alex Pan Yong for his hobby and represents his passion for art and design from him. It started as just a name for his Instagram account. In 2017, it became his brand name.