LINEA – Vertical handles system

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Architect / Designer: Davide Diliberto

Country: Italy

Copyright: Mital srl, Davide Diliberto

LINEA is a system of vertical handles for furniture, available in different sizes to be suitable for drawers, cabinets and wardrobes.
Every complement is designed as a natural pencil stroke which can give any piece of furniture a different look compared to more conventional compact knobs and horizontal handles. The collection is produced by the Italian company Mital, accordingly with its needs for versatile but distinctive accessories.

Unlike some other vertical handles on the market, LINEA features just a constant 1 cm square cross section and a gentle bend, in order to be as neutral as possible for a wider range of environments. My design approach is to give any product a few distinctive features within an overall simplicity, especially for technical elements that should harmoniously blend with the architectural project.

Both the small and large size can turn into coat hangers when mounted upside-down: the two screw solution ensures that they support the weight and do not rotate. It comes in five finishes, including chrome, matt chrome, satin nickel, matt white and matt black. The smaller size is 78 mm high, the larger one is 208 mm with a 90 mm protruding part for a comfortable grip with four fingers.

The purpose of this collection is to offer functional complements that can visually disappear within the interior design, keeping at the same time a unique style.



Davide Diliberto

I started as a designer into the Automotive industry and this impressed me with the importance of refined shapes and the relation between any single product and its brand. My concepts are always defined by details with the goal of improving the perceived quality of the company. After a prolific experience into the consumer electronics field with Indesit Group, I founded my own studio in 2008. Since 2016 I am the Creative director of Salice Paolo door hardware company and in 2018 I created for them the new design brand Ento. I am particularly involved into the bathroom industry.