Violin House of Australia

High Rise Architecture Architecture Concept

Student Category

Studio: Art Decoline Design Studio

Architect / Designer: Arman Gouniaei

Design Team:

Arman Gouniaei has over ten years of experience as a building and interior designer on national and international projects. He has worked with Australia’s most prominent developers and has established his reputation as a designer from conception to construction.

He is a bold and innovative designer bringing his unique eye, creativity and passion to every project. His empathetic and customer focussed nature ensures his clients’ visions come to life.

Arman’s comprehensive knowledge combined with industry-related tertiary qualifications in architectural design is instrumental in understanding and meeting every client’s individual needs.

Country: Australia

Copyright: ‘@Art Decoline Design Studio

The Violin House project was designed to meet the need for commercial and public space that creates engagement and celebrates the arts. The design includes a high-rise commercial building for office spaces with an auditorium, art gallery, community centre, offices, restaurants, and cafes. The large spaces allow for creativity in use and function and are inviting.
The office spaces have also been designed with the aim of creating collaborative engaging spaces that meet the needs of modern working environments. This was done by ensuring there are spaces and facilities for employers and employees to enjoy.
To create further engagement the design includes a museum that showcases instruments from around the world, with a focus on music history and modern music artists.
The design was developed in two stages to ensure the brief was met:
Stage one: Master planning and concept design including site planning, massing study, shadow analysis, basement parking & services, ground floor activities, auditorium, and public space on ground level. Stage two: Design and development of the high-rise commercial space.


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