Beyond colors house

Residential Interior Design Built

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Studio: Marco Antonio Medeiros Arquitetura

Architect / Designer: Marco Antonio Medeiros

Country: Brazil

Copyright: Lio Simas

With the maximalist concept, the interior work was designed to match the personality of the customers with color, textures and affectives memories of the family. To exalt the personality of the couple in a unique project through organic lines, colors, prints, textures, classic and contemporary objects, works of art and furniture, which print the possibilities and maximalism in the ambient.
The beyond colors house project started from the dream of the owners who wanted a unique and charming home. The project translates a lot the personality of the residents: joy, color and daring. The colors are present in all the spaces of the house and convey the personality of the owners who love to receive their friends and family. The furniture with intense colors blends with elegance, packed by the fluidity of organic and bold lines. A living room that imprints the soul and the maximalist DNA, where colors and textures were mixed together with many affective memories that have accompanied the family for generations. The choice of contemporary furniture was mixed with elements of Brazilian national design. To complete, the living room received the piano as a classic element, along with the wallpaper patterned with the design of birds. In the living room and library, natural lighting was predominant, for this reason, light tones were valued with prints from various ethnicities, including animal print and ikat print. One of the pieces of living that draws attention are the old trunks and suitcases that serve as a coffee table. The organically shaped sofa received a velvet upholstery in a red wine tone. In the same space there is also a desk in a classic English style that contrasts with contemporary patterned armchairs. The hall is a show in itself, as it exposes the vibe of rock & roll by the owners. With colorful elements in the joinery and furniture, the house also has decorative elements on the shelves and walls, revealing the present maximalism.
The outdoor leisure area embraces warm colors that bring friends together for the days of meeting. The gourmet area is functional and has overhead metal shelves to store crockery and utensils. The space brings nature into the ambients through natural lighting and openings.


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