Second Award


The DNA of the light – Painting with the colors of light

Interior Design Elements Built

Studio: Atellier Die DNA des Lichtes

Architect / Designer: Paul Heinrich Neuhorst

Design Team: Ilka Henkel

Country: Germany

The DNA of the light – Painting with the colors of light

The DNA of Light – Painting with the colors of Light The fascination of light and its spectral components led us to the DNA of light. With templates on the art themes and the components of the DNA of light in terms of color selection, color mixing, intensity and direction, images are created that represent a new form of artistic expression.

The creative process is very similar to painting. Just as the painter consciously chooses, mixes and applies the colors to realize his image ideas, we choose the proportions of the DNA of light and their mixtures to realize our ideas.

Ideally, the printing of the images can be done on plexiglass because of the brilliance of the colors. This opens the possibility of colored backlighting of the paintings with LED technology. This changes the colors of the painting. For example, red becomes less intense, blue glows more, green is more vibrant or vice versa. This gives the owner of the painting the possibility to choose the color combinations of his painting with a remote control. The change can also be done automatically in an endless loop.

The fascination of color change in the picture is a completely new form of artistic expression. The picture becomes a light and influences the light-color climate in the room. The room appears cooler or warmer as a result. All pictures are reproducible.