San Camilo – Speciality Coffee

Studio: Simón Londoño & Co.

Architect / Designer: Simón Londoño Sierra

Design Team:

Anndy Rengifo , Graphic Design
Interbag SA, Packaging Printers

Country: Colombia

Copyright: Andrés Araújo

San Camilo is a unique Colombian coffee brand that delivers the best of each harvest in a distinct Colombian drink. Their aim is to awaken the love for coffee in every person through top-quality coffee from their country, preserving the main notes of different origins.

We created a strong brand identity and packaging with an industrial feel, inspired by the machinery and tools used in coffee brewing. To tell the brand’s story, we used organic-shaped illustrations based on nature that showcase the product’s relationship with Colombia’s land, ecosystems, and wildlife. Our aim was to capture the aroma and flavor of the coffee.

For packaging, we used “earth-pact” paper made in Colombia from sugar cane fiber leftover from sugar and alcohol production, with no trees cut down. We used vegetable-based inks without harmful chemicals. We also used traditional printing methods like hot stamping and letterpress with copper foils.


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