Product Design Built

Professional Category

Studio: MM Company srl

Architect / Designer: MM Company

Country: Italy

Copyright: Photopiù

Nuki is a tiny chair with minimal and two-dimensional features, with back and seat rounded by a recognizable graphic mark. Thanks to its versatility and to its neat and informal profile, Nuki can be easily placed in any environment: in a corner of the house dedicated to home working, or around the home table, in a bistro, office or lounge. The chair is equipped with a practical “dot”: a small hook, incorporated in the backrest, designed to hang your bag or jacket. This chair is the very essence of customization: it is indeed possible to play with both the upholstery materials and the finishes of the structure, to make it stand out in an environment with a touch of character or camouflage it to perfection.


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MM Company is a creative consultancy agency that creates and connects every aspect of the brand experience: graphics, communication and design. MM Company works in the field of corporate images, catalogues, websites, video and photo shoots, object, window display or set design, copywriting or strategic communication projects. Some of the projects by MM Company have been awarded with prestigious prizes: “The Cleverest Award by AD” for product design, “ADCI Art Directors Club Italia Award” and “ICMA International Creative Media Award” for graphic design, and the “IVIA International Visual Identity Awards” for brand identity. A comprehensive business support service.