ADC on March 14, 2022

Across Rough Oceans And Mountain Ranges, Jan Khür’s Compelling Visual Journey Through Norway And Beyond – ADC

Czech photographer Jan Khür captures the details we often forget: the sharp outlines of a rocky landscape; a blooming flower’s delicate shades of pink; the way wind causes poetic movement across seas. The Oslo-based photographer has traveled through some of the world’s most exquisitely scenic regions, developing a need to...
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ADC on December 7, 2021

Paulsen & Nilsen Fill Villa Oslo With Pared-Back Furnishings And Warm Materials – ADC

Norwegian interior studio Paulsen & Nilsen has completed the interiors of ‘Villa Oslo’, a minimalist concrete four-storey home overlooking the Oslo fjord. With a combination of natural materials and a muted color palette, the villa was designed to be a relaxed and intimate environment with a fluid connection to the...
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ADC on November 4, 2021

Per Carlsen’s Surrealist Constructed Worlds Expand The Possibilities Of Architecture – ADC

In the visual essay below, Oslo-based designer and architect Per Carlsen creates surrealist worlds beyond the realm of reality. Combining his experience in art and illustration with his Master’s degree in architecture, Carlsen’s ominous scenes depict colossal forms in an almost post-human world. “In parallel with my studies, I have...
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