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In Rajasthan, western India, Sanjay Puri Architects has designed a private home that deals with the intense climactic conditions by embodying traditional building techniques while designing for a multi-generational household.



Vinay Panjwani

Situated in the arid desert region of Nokha, the project employs traditional Rajasthani architectural principles to deal with the heat, using thick stone walls and perforated stone screens known as ‘jali’.

Multifoil arched windows, patterned stone screens, and stone pergolas, also part of Rajasthani vernacular, have been integrated too. Local builders from nearby villages were employed for their skills and experience in stone carving, marble inlay, and carpentry, in the process being able to revive traditional building techniques, with this labour source being a key part of the building’s construction.


Like historical homes and palaces in the region, the house is punctuated in plan by a series of courtyards. More than 40 per cent of Narsighar house is in fact open courtyards, circulation spaces, or sheltered patio space.

Made from locally sourced sandstone, the open courtyards serve also as natural cooling systems, with living spaces opening into sheltered outdoor areas screened by jali panels, with the screens reducing heat gain and protecting the interior from sandstorms.



The house’s central courtyard doubles as an atrium and is naturally ventilated through clerestory windows. From here, rooms varying in height from four meters to 12 feed off from here, allowing indirect sunlight to permeate the spaces, filtered through arches and stone screens, creating dynamic shadow patterns throughout the day.

Narsighar house has been designed for a large family, too, accommodating four generations. The home has nine bedrooms as well as an array of multifunctional living areas, including indoor and outdoor kitchens, a theatre, games room and multiple dining and further living rooms.




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