Jesús Mascaraque’s Digital Artworks Transport Us To A World Of Relaxing Aesthetics – ADC

ADC on March 10, 2022

Part of a new generation of artists taking the digital world by storm, València-based designer Jesús Mascaraque brings together highly crafted minimalistic settings and contemporary designs to generate a highly aesthetic world which viewers can digitally escape into.

At only 21 years of age, Mascaraque has firmly placed himself as one of the most promising, up-and-coming talents in the digital art scene. “My passion for architecture and design has stood out since I was a child,” the designer explains to IGNANT. Crafting his skill and passion for 3D art over the last couple of years, Mascaraque has already established his own distinctive style—characterized by smooth lines, gentle streams of light, delicate shadows, and calming pastel tones. With an uncanny attention to detail and an exquisite knowledge of how design and architecture work alongside each other, the designer creates idyllic compositions that are soothing to the eye and spirit.




Somewhere between realistic and otherworldly, his intriguing digital environments create a subtle tension in the mind of the viewer. Often inspired by dreams, they are a study into experiences, sensations, and feelings. “What interests me the most is visual pleasure,” shares Mascaraque, “That feeling that when looking, we see a whole that responds to the aesthetic needs of today, in color, texture, composition, and space.” From simple and elegant interior spaces to surreal landscapes and architectures, his minimalist work explores the endless possibilities of design. “My objective is to create imaginaries, places that make objectives and goals with their mere existence, that question values, and lead to visual pleasure and reflection,” he adds.












Image created in collaboration with Julia Ippolito

Source: Ignant